Turf Care


Will I need extra soil when I lay my turf?

It may help.  It depends on the soil you wish to lay the turf on.  If it is Clay-based, you may require a sandy-type base to help with drainage.  It will also help the turf "bed in"


How long will it take for the turf to root?

Around three weeks


In the summer, after I lay my turf, it goes brown, why?

As the root system has been severed once it's been cut, there is no way to draw moisture in from the ground, and the warm weather will cause water within it, to evaporate.  


Once laid, the turf will need to be watered regularly (preferably with a sprinkler). Lift a turf, and once the ground is wet underneath, move it around the turfed area.


Can I use fertiliser?

Yes.  It may help the root take more quickly.  Always read the instructions before applying.


How should I prepare / lay turf?  What tools will I need?

Make sure that the surface is flat, even, weed and rock free.  You may need a rotavator to break up the existing lawn.  Old grass needs to be raked off.  Rake over to even out bumps.


When should I mow my turf?

After about three weeks / a month - once the roots start to take.  Do not cut it too short, as you risk shredding & tearing the grass and its roots.

General delivery information


Do I have to be in to receive a delivery?

No, although instructions on where you would like your delivery to be left, would be useful.


Do you deliver on Saturdays?



What areas do you cover?

Mainly Somerset, Dorset, and parts of Devon & Wiltshire.


How much is delivery?

For turf, it is usually free for orders over 30 square yards (depending on the distance from Yeovil).  If you wish to order under that amount, it may incur a delivery fee.  For topsoil, we will deliver orders over a ton (either loose or bagged).


How is the turf / topsoil delivered?

Usually to the kerbside.


Do you lay turf?

Yes, we provide full landscaping services.  We can also supply large turf rolls (around 25 square yards).  

Please contact us for further details.


Does my order include VAT?



Can I pick up my order?

Yes.  Small / regular orders can be picked up from our yard, just outside of Yeovil.